Office Policies

Cancellations: If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, a 24 hour notice is required in order to avoid being charged a $35 missed appointment fee.

Please have insurance information at hand when scheduling your first appointment. If you do not have insurance and want to pay out-of-pocket, or your insurance requires a copay, or a deductible to be met, payment will be expected at time of service. Forms of payment include cash or check. We are not able to process credit or debit cards. We will provide receipts so that you can be reimbursed for fees covered by your Health Savings Account.

We bear the expense of maintaining records of assessment and treatment, as well as filing insurance claims. We provide access to these records with your consent. Beyond that, It is not our mission to provide evaluations or treatment related to legal proceedings. We do not do forensic or custody evaluations, or provide an opinion regarding parental capacity under any circumstances. We do not provide services for young children or primary substance abuse. Information about those who provide children's therapy are listed on our Links page.

If you need paperwork completed to document your treatment or diagnosis and we have the necessary data and your consent, we will provide the information. We will respond briefly to the questions within the scope of our practice based on the data available. Because this work requires clinical and administrative time, we assess a fee of $50 for this service. An additional $50 fee will be assessed each time an assessment form is required by another agency, e.g. FMLA certification and updates.

We will not serve as Expert Witnesses in criminal, family, or civil cases. We can only confirm what is stated in the medical records, and then only with the client’s consent or a valid court order signed by a Judge.

Barring any clinical contraindication, your provider will provide you with one free copy of your record per your request and adequate notice. Any further copies will follow regulation KRS 422.317: "A copying fee, not to exceed one dollar ($1) per page, may be charged by the health care provider for furnishing a second copy of the patient's medical record upon request either by the patient or the patient's attorney or the patient's authorized representative."