Psychotherapy? Counseling? Therapy? What is that?

Yes, it is confusing. There is little standard terminology in the mental health (or is it Behavioral Health?) field. In practice, there is not much difference between counseling and psychotherapy (just “therapy” for short)..

In general, the term Counseling is used for highly focused, short-term treatment. Under enough stress, most people will show some anxious or depressive symptoms. When the distress is “greater than expected,” treatment for Adjustment Disorders can give you more perspective and coping strategies to get through the crisis faster and with less wear and tear.

Psychotherapy involves more complex and long-term assessment and intervention strategy. This is indicated in more serious conditions such as Major Depressive Disorder, or when the personality structure makes it more difficult for the patient to adapt.

Brief Consultations, sometimes called “Life Coaching,” is a means of increasing personal fulfillment, not the treatment of a disorder. Because these consultations are not considered therapeutic treatments, they are not regulated (or paid for by any insurance companies).

Examples of Objectives for consultations are Reviewing options with a professional before making a major decision, working on a plan to change a habit or meet a behavioral goal, and learning techniques to “de-stress” by increasing the relaxation response. Some clients just need to talk through a troubling experience or a complicated family situation confidentially with a non-judgmental third party.

There are no rules or qualifications covering this service, but in our case we use our professional experience and some of the tools of counseling or psychotherapy to help a client.

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