Mindful Living

Can't seem to relax? Constantly running on overdrive? Need to reduce stress for health reasons?

Most of our stress comes from persistent, negative thoughts about the past, or anxieties about the future. Mindfulness meditation helps train your mind to let go of obsessive thinking, and rest in the present moment. Research studies have demonstrated that regular meditation is helpful in reducing anxiety, depression and chronic stress, managing illness, and even physical pain. It can also be beneficial in reducing overeating, and in addiction recovery.

"Mindful Living" is the term I have given the mindful awareness methods I teach to individuals and groups. For rates, or other questions about individual instruction or to set up an appointment, please email me ksegotully+woodlandcounseling+com or phone me at 270-307-3672. To learn if group sessions are currently being offered, check out my Facebook page.

This type of meditation is appropriate for people of all faiths who want to learn how to manage stress, and experience a greater sense of meaning in their daily living.

What should I wear? What should I bring? You will be most comfortable in soft, loose-fitting clothing. Sweat pants or yoga pants are ideal. Jeans are too constricting. You should bring a light sweater or wrap, as the body temperature tends to drop when relaxed. Though some meditation cushions will be available, you are encouraged to bring your own if you have one. Chairs are available for those who choose this option.

Notice: Though these techniques can be beneficial in helping to manage various physical and mental conditions, they are not meant as a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.